Aromatherapy A therapeutic pressure point massage with lymphatic drainage using a specialised using a specialised blend of essential oils

Swedish Body Massage A more vigorous deep massage relieving stress and tension.

Remedial/Sport Massage A treatment to alleviate muscle pain and soreness using deep tissue work

Reflexology A specialised pressure treatment for the feet, hands or face. The stimulus of pressure creates a response in the function of the entire body.

Indian Head Massage A treatment to relieve stress and tension by massage techniques to the head, neck and shoulders.

Bamboo Massage A treatment using bamboo sticks for deep tissue work.

Thermal Auricular Therapy Ear candling is a relaxing treatment which can help many conditions including excessive ear wax, sinus congestion and stress.

Hot Stone Massage The use of warm organic stones placed on specific areas of the body and to massage with. Cold stones may be used to calm and soothe.

Massage treatments may be combined and are tailored to individual requirements.


*30 mins £30 *60 mins £42 *90 mins £58 *120 mins £75

Body/Foot scrubs energise and boost circulation, help to cleanse and soften the skin. Body/Foot scrubs can be incorporated into a massage service for an additional charge of £6.